Training with nt coach and guests

Treining with new nt coach Christian Filippi is planed for 7.10. in  OŠ Škurinje sports gym.

Schedule is:
18:00 - 19:30

Address of the gym is: Mihaćeva draga 13, Rijeka, but access is from  Antuna Mihića street no.28.

Depending on direction you are coming from instructions are:

S Rijeka bypass (from Zagreb, Pula, Trieste or Dalmatian coast): Exit at Škurinje knot and take a right turn at exit traffic light. When you reach Billa supermarket (at second traffic light from bypass exit) make a left turn. (When coming from city center at the same traffic light make a right turn.) Follow Mihaćeva draga street until you are under the bypass overpass and watch for a hard right turn where you have to take a left turn into Antuna Mihića street. Find a parking place. Entranct into the gym is shown in picture below.

By public transport (map) take no. 5 bus (time table) toward Drenova direction (west) and exit at Tomic and co (bmw and mini) car dealer. Then follow the directions above on foot.